Meat and Eat

Meat & Eat is a farm to fork Indian chain of quick service (QSR) & family restaurants serving fresh and hygienic veg & non-veg fast food options to customers. Started in 2013, Meat & Eat fine-tuned the operations in the areas of products, delivery, restaurant layout, franchisee model, advertising & marketing strategy etc., within 6 months, hence being able to bring consistency across all franchises.

A well-trained team handles the kitchen which produces about 50 tonnes of heat/fry-and-serve products per month. Significant investment has been made in product research and development. Today the company has 150+ outlets spread across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, New Delhi, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and a few North-Eastern states. The company has also tied up with various food delivery partners like Food Panda, Zomato, Swiggy, Roadrunnr etc., to expand the reach of its business.

The company will continue to invest substantially to meet the demand in the market and plans to open 1000 stores by 2020.

Chai Talkies

Chai Talkies, a unit of Kavi Groups is for Tea lovers everywhere. Expect more than Tea in Chai Talkies. Chai Talkies is a spot where they meet people, converse, make their choices and have lot of fun with our cup of chai. We serve Milk Chai, Herbal Infusions, Iced Teas, Natural Fines, Breakfast, Bites and Fried Items. Our Mission is a simple one, to be the best chai shop and provide best world class chai experience at affordable prices. A person with a cup of tea is a neighborhood the next time.

Gio Pizza

Kavi Group’s future looks promising as the feed and processed chicken business is steadily increasing. The customer base for its restaurant business is also growing consistently. The group plans to launch a unique pizza-by-slice restaurant called GioPizza across South India soon.

Me Fresh

Apart from supplying chicken to retail chains and restaurants, the company owns and operates its own fresh meat retail outlets in Bangalore. It sells chilled chicken, mutton, fish and eggs. With demand for fresh meat increasing, the company plans to expand the network of fresh meat outlets to other states as well.

Kavi Agencies

A trading firm established for the purpose of importing and representing leading Indian companies in the distribution of amino acids and feed additives. Well-known companies in the sector like Venkateshwara, Alpharma, Himalaya, Virbac, Zoetis, Provet, etc., have been associated with Kavi Agencies for a long time. It is also one of the largest importers of sunflower extract and remains the leading and preferred vendor of amino acids and other materials for feed factories across India.

Kavi Petmart

The pet department has been active for the past 10 years, operating out of South Bangalore. In these 10 years we have become one of the biggest wholesalers for all pet related products ranging from accessories like belts, soaps, shampoos, toys, biscuits, collars, leashes and pet chains. We also specialise in pet food and are the master distributors for Pedigree and Stallen and other pet related food and healthcare products. We supply to more than 70 retailers across South Bangalore.

Feed Mill

This company distributes animal medicines to many companies like Indovax, Pioneer Jellice, Vamso Biotec and Tinna Agro Industries on special arrangement.

kavi Poultry

Another organisation that has helped the vertical growth for Kavi Group with its activities in trading of hatching eggs, broiler chicks, integration of commercial layer birds and broiler farming. Spread over Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, the company currently grows chickens with a weekly replacement of 4 lakh chicks and produces processed meat at an average of 6 lakh kg/week.

Kavi Protein & Feed

The company manufactures & markets animal feed across South India and also has fully-integrated broiler farms. It has a feed mill in Nelamangala, Bangalore and Pollachi in Tamil Nadu with a production capacity of 10,000 metric tonnes per month.

As part of forward integration, the company has invested in setting up a state-of-the-art chicken processing plant in Krishnagiri, TN. The plant is capable of supplying up to 9,000 kg of processed meat in different cuts and portions daily. The company also has reefer vehicles to supply meat in chilled or frozen condition based on customer’s need.

The company’s advanced hatcheries, quality feed and best farm management practices ensure high quality broiler chicken. Our team of highly professional & committed staff members ensure the delivery of high quality meat within committed time frames.

Breeder Farm

Farm breeding has been a major operation for Kavi Poultry in the last 12 years. The company now has 6 breeding farms with 5.5 lakh parent birds. An average of 8.5 lakh eggs is produced every year with the breeding capacity consistently rising at 25% over previous years.

The company is proud to be a partner of the American poultry company Aviagen which enables us to breed the ‘Ross 308 AP95’ chickens. Parent birds are housed in deep litter and cages in 25 farms spread across Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. All the farms are bio-secured to ensure the highest level of hygiene. We perform regular serum testing on chicks to monitor for diseases.


The company owns 3 large hatcheries in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu respectively. The hatcheries are equipped with state-of-the-art, fully automated machinery that is capable of handling 6,00,000 eggs per setting. The main goal of our breeding farms is to produce clean and healthy hatching eggs. The eggs are gathered 7 times a day, every single day. As soon as the hatching eggs are collected, the dirty eggs are segregated and fumigated for 20 minutes in order to clean them. The healthy hatching eggs are then cooled at 16°C and stored for a maximum of 3 days. Each breeder farm is equipped with a cool room and the hatching eggs are stocked accordingly.

Our highly skilled team of professionals, along with continuous support from Aviagen ensure that the farms are maintained well and free from diseases. Producing hygienic and disease-free chicks has become the hallmark of Kavi Group.

Hatchable Eggs

The company produces 85 million hatchable eggs per annum and markets a large number of hatchable eggs across the length and breadth of our country. Every egg is carefully inspected, graded and packaged according to the most stringent standards.

Kavi integration farming consumes a sizeable quantity of chicks produced in their own hatcheries. This has created a very good network of distributors and farmers who prefer eggs produced in our own breeder farms as a high percentage of hatching is consistently achieved. The company is now all geared up to branch out into exporting its egg produce.


Kebabs are known to have been the warrior’s choice of delicacy in historic times. They provided a staple meal for travelling warriors in their battle marches, were easy to make and extremely delicious. Kavi Group has now brought the taste of North to South India. Kebabistaan is a one-of-a-kind family restaurant serving veg & non-veg kebabs made in authentic North-West frontier style. The speciality of Kebabistaan is the affordable, tasty and hygienic menu options. The first store is situated in Nandanam, Chennai – with a plan to expand across many more states in India.